We care about the environment

We firmly believe in the need to leave a better world for future generations.

This is why we are committed to the efficient and rational use of resources every single day, and demand no less from our suppliers.

Those who respect the environment choose CIMARELLI®..


How does a CIMARELLI® door help the environment?

  • The POLD panel offers excellent insulation and therefore reduces the need for heating and air conditioning, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The MDF panel inside our doors is made from reconditioned wood only, treated with special refining processes.
  • Aluminium doors help reduce the problem of deforestation, which is damaging to the climate and the soil.
  • Forests are the green lung of our planet, generating oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.

Aluminium is an entirely recyclable material: it can be recycled 100% and reused indefinitely to give life to new products every time, without losing its characteristics.

We are especially sensitive to environmental issues as our company is located in Umbria, renowned as the green heart of Italy.

We like to evoke our region with the words of the great poet, Giosuè Carducci:

“Oscure intanto fumano le nubi
su l’Appennino: grande, austera, verde
da le montagne digradanti in cerchio
l’Umbria guarda.
Salve, Umbria verde!”