good reasons to choose a BUGNALL - CIMARELLI door

The advantages of our doors include far more than high technical performance levels: they also guarantee a style and design that will make you feel welcome and safe whenever you come home.

We provide a vast range of products to suit all tastes and requirements:

  • the classic line, featuring an elegant style;
  • the modern line, featuring an innovative style;
  • the line with inserts that embellish doors.

Our outstanding vocation for innovation has inspired the latest lines which we are proud to present:

  • the relief line, featuring an energetic style;
  • the tricolour line, featuring a prestigious style;
  • the 3D line that adds a new dynamic dimension to aluminium.

Each door has been conceived, designed and built as though it were for our own family: secure, beautiful and resistant. A door that does not require any maintenance and stands the test of time.

Our staff will assist and advise you so that you make the best choice, to guarantee your utmost satisfaction.

CIMARELLI®: we design your world!