Why CIMARELLI is the perfect door

and suitable for your requirements
We have been manufacturing doors for over 40 years, committed to continuous improvement and a determination to provide customers with a product that is superior in terms of innovation, technology, performance and design.

CIMARELLI® doors guarantee:


  • Safety:

Internal MDF panel for a solid door that protects against break-ins and burglaries. For your total safety, we also make security doors with an internal iron sheet, available in both MDF and POLD.

  • Insulation:

POLD doors ensure excellent thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to the polyurethane inner. The addition of two MDF sheets enhances solidity.
COMPOSITE PAN doors made from MDF, POLD and a RUBBER inner ensure excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The rubber inner ensures door elasticity and resistance to solar radiation.

  • Impermeability:

JUST doors, made exclusively from polyurethane, are fully waterproof and can even be installed in extremely damp locations.

  • Inalterability:

The aluminium cladding, processed with specific antioxidant treatments and powder coating, protects doors from atmospheric agents so no maintenance is required and doors remain unaltered over time.

The quality and authenticity of each of our doors is certified by the BUGNALL – CIMARELLI® resinated logo sticker on the corner of the panel.